News.  The common news is a joke these days and has been for years.  I remember being a kid and my mom always mentioning the “poor, uninformed people of Russia” as well as other countries who had governments that would suppress the real news from their people.  I wake up to find that those of us in America have also been those poor, sad, uninformed country of people that she spoke of and once pitied.  Generally speaking, that is.

Lately, there seems to be an awakening of sorts.  People are beginning to see that things are not at all as we’re told by the mainstream media channels.  People such as George Soros are literally running the world, yet most in America do not even know who he is or that every move he makes contributes to his plot to see the world operated under a One World System.

We are so busy grinding from one day to the next, swiping right or left to see who next week’s love interest will be, or spending hours a weeks watching the Real Housewives of this or that…to think about real things.  While people are having to eat their neighbors pets to survive in Venezuela, most people are not aware of Fukushima, yet claim to care about the earth, and understand literally nothing about the dire economic state our country is in.

I get my opinions from research and by comparing notes from various sources. The minute you become awake and realize the reality which surrounds us…news and information can become interesting and entertaining.

This page is for news video clips and articles which I come across and send to friends and family who all share the same desire to be awake in reality. Informed.  I decided to make it easier and post clips here.  Beware and proceed with caution.  If Jesus is not your jam, you probably won’t like it here.  There will also be links to my favorite sermons, prophetic studies and political news because somehow it all seems to be related.

Some things might not even be up to the minute, but perhaps things we previously missed. My general feeling is that if you’re going to express an opinion, you probably ought to invest a moment acquiring a knowledge base to compliment said opinion.  If not, you’ll just be another random out there spewing baseless viewpoints. Just sayin.

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I love sharing the work of some of the people that spend years of their lives researching, learning and following what is going on behind the scenes.  Dave Hodges is very highly respected in the field of Globalist Conspiracy Exposure  ( I just literally made that term up) but it’s an accurate tag. There are a handful of American men out there who are willing to express their opinions and share what they have learned.

This video really stirred me up, because it was News about 3 weeks ago, that Germany warned it’s people to have a minimum of two weeks worth of food and water stored up for an emergency…but we were not sure what emergency their government was referring to.  This taping connects a lot of dots.

I try hard to be mindful and only share the work of people who maintain exceptional reputations in their fields.

September 28, 2016


You might not know that we are on the brink of war, because it’s not really on the mainstream news. The average American has literally no idea what’s going on.  Wake up.


September 25, 2016


Sad. There’s really nothing else to say about this situation.

September 11, 2016

I really only recently came across this clip from a Ben Carson speech that was made before he announced a run at the Presidency.  I’ve been a fan of him, but after coming across this entertaining clip, I have a renewed respect for this man!


September 11, 2016

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