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1.  VAMP

This is just a shot from one of the top rated posts of the year. See more here.

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Don’t try to argue with me about Gun Control.  Have someone walk into your home in the middle of the night, find yourself with no way to protect your family…and then tell me that gun ownership for responsible, decent people is a bad thing…well, if you live through the experience to have a conversation after.

We have other guns, however I’d wanted something old school, simple and straight forward.  I love this gun. Yes, and it’s pink! For families with small children in the house, extra caution would be prudent but my feeling is that if the average idiot can have a gun to help them rob, rape and kill…then surely I can, too.  When guns are taken away from all the criminals, let me know…then we can revisit the topic. Until then, carry on.


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I’d seen all kinds of crazy Barbie makeup videos, and totally thought it would be a blast to try!  Videos are a lot more work than one would initially think.  It’s actually super fun, but time consuming.

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This was the easiest, 5 minute fashion post ever.  This shot got more hits than anything else, so I had to add it to the list. When people ask for their photo to be taken, they need to understand that it’s about angles, lighting and makeup. Yes, makeup.  When people want their photo with no makeup, they wonder why they don’t look fabulous like they do in their mind.  It’s makeup. Then lights, camera, action! The best is when people just let me do whatever I want to them.

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I used to work in fragrance. I still love fragrance more than anything!  Scent is power and power is good…that’s my motto!  I took this photo for work of a bottle I’d had etched with #nordygirl on it!  Love the shot!


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I’d picked up this ring from the jeweler and it was fabulously new and clean again! It’s a lavender amethyst from David Yurman Couture and I love her.  I decided to try and photograph her while she was sparkly!

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I was recently thrilled to get the opportunity to partner with  This is an online fashion house that enables each woman to order her selections, and submit her order for a custom fit and design!  They have pants and tops as well as dresses.

In my case, I measured myself and submitted my less-than-perfect measurements along with my dress preferences.  You can choose sleeve type, length of dress, etc as well as them using your personal measurements.

I decided on this fabulous jail house striped number because it’s a different look for me, and I knew that although for work, I have to have sleeves, I knew throwing a jacket on top during the workday would help me to get more use out of my new dress.

I wore this and got numerous compliments from friends and strangers on the bold design. This dress has pockets and flares a bit for a fun, retro look and seriously, since I don’t have hips anyway, it made me look more curvy which isn’t a bad thing!  I paired it with a fun, glass lollipop necklace to complete my fun summer look, and of course Michael Kors shoes and a pink bag. Click the photo above to see the entire post.

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I have always loved Guerlain perfumes.  My mom would buy them for me as gifts from about 4th grade and up.  A much younger friend was making fun of an Instagram post in which there was a bottle of Shalimar in the background.  Of course, I had wanted to show her that not only did I have a bottle of old school, high class Shalimar… but I also had enough to last me through an Apocalypse. ( And by “Apocalypse” of course I mean the pending step forward of the Anti-Christ, the fall of the world economy and the months long outage of our electrical grid, as we all have to scrounge for food and safety for months or years.) But hey, it will all be ok, because I have my Shalimar.  And tons of Ramen Soup packages.

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I had nothing to do one Tuesday night.  My husband called and had to work late, but suggested I go to the Rick Springfield and Loverboy concert for fun.  Hmmmm….for fun I went online and discovered that if you only need one ticket, often you can get really great seats!  After purchasing a ticket in the 5th row, I rented an Uber and actually went to this concert. Alone.  I had a really great time!  I am not much of a concert person so it took all I had to make myself go.  People couldn’t believe that I went alone, strangers asked who I was with and friends couldn’t believe I went alone.  I am a “grown damn woman and I will do what I want” as one of my old friends always says.  Anyway, I took this shot with my Rebel and made it home by 10:30.



So this is a bit dirty.  My husband was taking a few shots and of course the dogs get around me so we decide to scoop them up and try to take a nice photo.  In attempting to kiss poor Bella’s snout as I’m juggling a super pudgy Jazzy…Bella surprises me with her long, gooey tongue and she literally jammed it into my mouth. Ugh. Disgusting, but she meant well. Jazzy only is worried about whether or not food will be involved somehow.

Johnny Was Clothing


I began working for Johnny Was Clothing this year and have totally fallen in love with the lines they create! This photo was from the first post I’ve done featuring one of their dresses that I love! Click the photo for more.



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