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We occasionally take a minute to breathe.  we wonder how people with kids do it all.  We feel terrible for not taking the dogs anywhere so we can’t imagine how parents have the energy to do it all.  On this day, we decided the stroller originally intended for Jazzy before she passed away, would be the perfect tool to take the girls for a quick outing.

The problem with them, is that they are not around people a lot…so their manners are in need of a tune up.  They feed of of one another, so if one barks at another dog, so does the other.  By zipping them up in the stroller, we hope they can get used to seeing the world without barking at anything they see! Eventually they can graduate to their leashes. In our neighborhood, that’s how we roll but for a real outing, this seems to be the easiest way to start!

A lady walked by with a huge dog and these girls went crazy.  Jazzy would just avoid looking at anything unpleasant and never barked, so they would follow her lead. Now I just have crazy and not quite as crazy feeding off of each others kookoo vibes.

We still love them!  Although I do need to work on my ill behaved babies!  The story of how I ended up being only a dogmom is kind of funny, and was never my intent. However, we absolutely love our home life and plan on adopting another little furry soul when the right one comes along! I think I will post a video on this topic soon, because I am trying to post more videos. Pictures do not easily tell the tale and people really like videos as opposed to reading.

My eyes were watering like crazy from allergies, but I discovered Flonase this week! It really helps!

I’ve been severely sleep deprived all year from a neck issue so my husband said I look like I’m in pain most of the time, and in a lot of photos.  I am, but I try to hide it or not think about it. My blog is supposed to be my happy place, so I never mention it.  I saw a blogger years ago, who was ill…and she mentioned it in every single post. I don’t want to be that person. I also do not want to ever be a pill zombie so I work hard to do what I can outside of that. I guess i am explaining why I often crop off my head!  Honestly, it’s about the fun of clothing anyway so my sometimes tired, sleep deprived face doesn’t need to be seen unless we are showing makeup or lashes or making a video!


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