It’s finally here! After quite a bit of planning and work, the first product from Bosscat Beauty is finally available for purchase!

I realize that it will take a year to figure out if the first product launch is a success or not, but truly…the fun part was in the creation process.

I really love lashes. It really sucks when you pay $10 to $20 and they break after two or three wears! What sucks more than that is when you realize that celebrities are pushing “cruelty free” mink lashes. There is no such thing. Do five minutes worth of research and you will see. Minks do
Bosscat Beauty was secretly born in my mind over 20 years ago. I did other things, and started other projects but this was always one of those things I was truly passionate about! I believe that’s what we commonly refer to as a dream.

In 2016, after working for years in the beauty and fashion industry, I became shocked and saddened that people were actually not ashamed to announce to the universe that they were wearing “luxury’ mink lashes.

Where is the shame? Where is the decency and elevated consciousness? And furthermore, how is it possibly considered “luxury” to wear animal fur on our faces? I find it to be a display of ignorance, small mindedness and selfishness. After research on the matter, and getting sick at what I’d found, I decided to try and make a small difference. I wanted to move forward with my dream, and also try to make a small difference in the world. Nature and animals are a blessing.

I set out last year to do research and start with lashes. I wanted to create and produce the greatest silk lashes ever. Like, ever! I didn’t want to sell you mink and call it ‘animal friendly.’ These lashes have the fluff and lightness you would find in mink but without the caged, sad little animals it takes to create them.

Give the Glam Edition Lash Box a try. We created a package that gives you great lashes at less than half the price of other luxury lines. They are reusable up to 20 times each, if properly handled.










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